Friday 30 November 2007

The Last King of Scotland

Saw The last king of Scotland at the OU film society on Wednesday. A powerful film, and it set me thinking again about what gives a person control over others. What was it that enabled Idi Amin to (mis)rule Uganda for so long - what enables anyone to hold political power (or any sort of power over other people, come to that). Once again I'm sure there is an explanation that talks about information, at various levels. For example, Garrigan eventually, but too late, attempted to kill Amin. He could have done it relatively easily earlier in his relationship with the dictator, but he didn't at that stage realise what Amin and his supporter were up to. Amin manipulated Garrigan, as he did everyone, through control of what he knew. I want to argue that it is always thus with political power. Political manoeuvring is about maniplulation of information.

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