Wednesday 9 July 2008

Paintings and stories

Tom Lubbock talks about paintings telling stories.

In the 'Great Works' item in the Independent 27th June 2008, Tom Lubbock discusses 'The Bellelli Family' by Edgar Degas. (See it here in the Musee d'Orsay Gallery website.) He comments:
The nearest pictorial thing to the 19th-century novel is the 19th-century portrait
I've often had a problem with picture galleries, and I've idea of what my problem might be - there's too much information in the paintings. All those novels hanging on the walls. You wouldn't expect to get a lot out of walking around a library and spending a few minutes reading each of dozens of different novels.

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David Chapman said...

(Someone 'anonymous' put this comment with an earlier posting. I think it really belongs here.)

During WW2 the National Gallery showed one painting per week.

I like to visit galleries and just look at a few paintings. Obviously this seems easier if it's free ... when you've paid for the Quai d'Orsay you feel you need to get your money's worth.