Tuesday 22 July 2008

The Passion of the Western Mind

From sofia (magazine of the Sea of Faith Network) July 2007:
... 'participatory epistimology' put forward by Richard Tarnas in his book The passion of the western mind, in which human beings are themselves regarded as an essential vehicle for the creative self-unfolding of reality. According to Tarnas, 'Nature's reality is not merely phenomenal, nor is it independent and objective; rather it is something that come into being through the very act of human cognition.'
While I'm on this topic - which I'm labelling as 'Frayn' for a shortcut in reference to his book - here is a quote from Alves (Rubem Alves: The The Poet, the Warrior, the Prophet, p52) that I jotted down a while back.
It is not the universe which is the meaning of the word. It is the word which is the meaning of the universe.
(I can hear certain people I know mocking this... I know, but I like it.)

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