Friday 22 May 2009

Technology for blogging

I'm wondering if part of the reason I've never quite felt that I've got going on blogging, is that I don't have the right tools.

I think of things to say when I'm away from the PC, and when I'm at the PC there's usually something else I ought to be doing - like I should be doing assignment monitoring at the moment.

So, perhaps I need something more portable that I can have at the meal table, by the side of my bed, on the train, in a lecture theatre, in church etc etc. Someone's just been showing me their new iPod. Is that what I need? Anyone got any recommendations? (Bearing in mind, 1: my eyesight is not brilliant, 2: that I don't like spending much money on technology...)


Mike said...

I've a notepad I carry around, if I have an idea I write it down succinctly, but enough to pick that though thread and date it.

Like Wise I have a txt file on the desktop called "NOTES". I never delete it, and having a mostly empty desktop its a good little reminder everytime I boot up.

David Chapman said...

Thanks. These little techniques can make a big difference.