Wednesday 24 June 2009

Andrew Keen on inequality of the internet

My thoughts on Andrew Keen and The Cult of the Amateur in a nutshell. I think he's wrong about amateurs (he presents a mistaken 'golden age' of the press and is frankly offensive with all that stuff about monkeys), but otherwise his scepticism is a breath of fresh air. He's spot on with the likes of this, from his blog:
Rather than creating more equality, it [the internet] has actually generated massive accumulations of power amongst a tiny new elite of attention-economy aristocrats like Silicon Valley new media baron Tim O’Reilly who has more than 500,000 loyal Twitter followers. For all the promises of democratization, real-time landed gentry like O’Reilly and increasingly monopolistic technology companies like Google and Amazon might actually be reinventing the radically unequal hierarchies of mid 19th century capitalism in the new digital age.
(This was a theme he addressed in a couple of short broadcasts on BBC Radio 4 a couple of months back, entitled 'The Few')

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