Thursday 20 October 2011

Presentations and audio files from DTMD 2011

I should have said this before - they were ready a couple of weeks back - but there are now available pdf files and audio files ("podcasts") for each of the presentations at the Difference That Makes a Difference 2011. (On the Programme and Proceedings page)

If you open the presentation and the podcast at the same time, you can move through the slides while listening to the talk: a very effective substitute for a video of the presentation.

While editing the podcasts (mainly just cutting up the continuous audio recordings into individual files for each presentation, but also a minimal attempt to amplify quiet sections and remove extraneous sounds - you could spend weeks on that!) I was reminded how much there is in there and how much I would get out of going through them all again.

There's also the recordings of the panel sessions and the final synthesis session. The sound quality is variable for those - because the microphones were being handed around - but again there's lots in there worth another listen.

Photographs from the event are available via this page. I could do with more images or graphics in this blog, so here's one from the first presentation of the workshop, by Wolfgang Hofkirchner.

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