Friday 6 July 2012

Turing 12 - thoughts from AISB/IACAP World Congress

Monday and Tuesday this week I spent at the AISB/IACAP World Congress (Turing 2012), at Birmingham University. (The event is continued all week, but I just went for the two days.)  It was very worthwhile - many thanks to the organisers - and I've come away with lots to think about and, in an ideal world, blog about.

Here's just a few notes to flag some of the things I would write about (for a variety of different reasons) if I had time:

- Floridi's 'Level of Abstraction' (LoA). I agree with his emphasis of the utility of the idea, but I call it a map rather than an LoA.
- The requirement for information to be true to count as information (adding that to the General Definition of Information, GDI). Yes but there's more I want to say about that. (James Cussens very clear comments on the Barwise/Carnap paradox)
- The Big Picture about information - paradigm shift? Grand narrative? Philosophia prima?
- Various thoughts about ontology
- Defining intentionality, whether a machine can 'intend' something - see my blog post about intentionality in the genetic code, 'irreducible first person perspective'; synthetic semiotics
- distinction between ontological and epistemological emergentism;
- Kants claim that only the creator of the world can have direct access to it - the designer of a simulation can have access to the noumenal
- Suzanne Embury on "Forget Dimensions, Define your Information Quality Using View Patterns". About a specific task to do with information quality, but surely links to all sorts of ontologies.
- (Floridi) "since 2007, information created has exceeded storage capacity" (so you can't just store everything and worry about what to do with it later)
- Intuition and Ingenuity: Alan Turing Centenary Exhibition

The 'Author meets Critics' session, when five eminent academics gave comment (it could hardly be called 'criticism' in any sense, to be fair!) on Luciano Floridi's excellent new book: "The Philosophy of Information" (from the left: Luciano Floridi; James Cussens; Phyllis Illari; Jean-Gabriel Ganascia; Chryssa Sdrolia and Barry Cooper).

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