Monday 15 October 2012

The surprise theory of everything

Vlatko Vedral writing in the New Scientist.
In this essay, I will explore the fascinating question of why, since their origins in the early 19th century, the laws of thermodynamics have proved so formidably robust. The journey traces the deep connections that were discovered in the 20th century between thermodynamics and information theory - connections that allow us to trace intimate links between thermodynamics and not only quantum theory but also, more speculatively, relativity. Ultimately, I will argue, those links show us how thermodynamics in the 21st century can guide us towards a theory that will supersede them both.
The surprise theory of everything - physics-math - 15 October 2012 - New Scientist

(Prof Vedral was one of the Keynote Speakers at "The Difference That Makes a Difference 2011" - see his presentation here)

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