Monday 22 April 2013

First reflection on DTMD 2013

I remember this happening with DTMD 2011 too: after the event I thought there was loads of things to blog about, but actually it was quite a while before I wrote anything. So, too, the fact that DTMD 2013 was two weeks ago and I've not written anything about it yet does not mean I've nothing to say. Far from it: I was buzzing with thoughts after the 2 1/2 days, but:

a)  There was SO much, where should I begin?


b)  There was (still is) a lot of work I'd neglected in the run up to DTMD 2013 that I had (still have to) deal with so I've little time left to blog.

Well anyway, you can see most of DTMD 2013 online because it was all recorded.

So, on the basis that something is better than nothing, here's one little thought following the workshop.


Several presenters (including Liesbet van Zoonen: and John Monk, but others as well) talked of narratives, but I didn't, and I see that I don't have narrative among my labels (though I do have stories). Ah but when you read this I will have, because I'll label this post with narrative!

So here's a little hook to think about narrative.

In my presentation I made reference the triple-c model: cognition, communication, and cooperation*, and I talked about the first two, associating cognition with environmental information and communication with semantic information.

I think narrative is in the territory of cooperation. Or maybe the other way around: cooperation is in the territory of narrative.

That's all I can say for now. Not much, but, as I said, a 'hook'.

* The three Cs of the online journal TripleC used to be Cognition, Communication, and Cooperation, and that was what it was when we published our special issue following DTMD 2011, but the editorial board of the journal changed it to Communication, Capitalism and Critique. I have to say I find it amusing that I now have a paper (the introduction to the special issue) in a journal of Communication, Capitalism and Critique, and the fact that it has changed rather nicely chimes with the theme of my own talk at DTMD 2013, which was entitled Information is provisional.

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