Sunday 10 November 2013

Waiting - Not-Waiting

For the season of Advent the Church of Christ the Cornerstone is focusing on the theme of Waiting.  The image above is something I'm working on as a possible contribution for the display that will go around the cloisters. 

I've taken pairs of words which are binary oppositions: one has some sort of sense of waiting and the other not-waiting.  In the image the pairs are linked by a line, with the waiting word inside the white circle and the non-waiting word outside. 

So within the circle is a collection of waiting-words, and each word earns the right to be inside the circle by virtue of being the waiting-word in a binary pair.

The idea is that we can explore the nature of waiting by exploring both the company of words in the circle, and the company of words outside. Inside is what waiting is, and outside is what waiting is not.

This is work in progress, and comments are welcome.

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