Thursday 12 February 2015

PhD Studentships on the nature of information

Now is the time to apply for PhD studentships at the Open University.

See the details on the Computing and Communications Department website.

If you have ideas for doing research into an interdisciplinary understanding of the nature of information - i.e. into the stuff of this blog! - then please get in touch with me (or one of the other members of the DTMD group) to discuss it further.

The way it works is that there are a few internally-funded studentships which can be taken up in any of the fields of interest of members of the department.  Applications are invited for all the different areas, then the best candidates selected. My colleagues and I in the DTMD group would be delighted to be joined by a student studying towards a PhD, but that is dependent upon the right applicant coming forward, and on that person being a selected instead of someone applying to work in another area of research interest in the department. So there is a degree of competition between the different areas of research!

The list of topics of interest to members of the department is here, and you can see two 'information' topics listed, one with Magnus Ramage as the contact person and one with me as the contact.  More generally, if you have ideas for any information-related topic then you should contact either of us or other members of the group.

The deadline for applications is midday GMT on Tuesday 7 April 2015 but you should get in touch with us well in advance of the deadline if you are thinking of applying.

In addition to these funded, full-time, studentships, you can also study for a PhD part-time with the Open University. For more information see the University's Research Degrees page.

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