Monday 29 March 2021

Context is *everything*. It really is.

Right from the very first DTMD event, the 2007 internal OU workshop on the nature of information, context has loomed large, and one of our concluding assertions about information in the paper published by Magnus and me earlier this year was that "Information depends on context".

This might seem a small thing, obvious maybe and of no great significance, but when you press it hard it has rather more consequences than you might appreciate at first sight. For example, we argue that it is because information depends on context, information cannot be communicated or stored.

According to informational structural realism, reality and information are the same thing, so if information depends on context so does reality, which is basically what Carlo Rovelli reckons is required by quantum mechanics:

Quantum weirdness isn’t weird – if we accept objects don’t exist

... The properties of a system aren’t absolute: they are relative to the interacting system. We make a mistake if we assume that they can be attributed to one single system. In the quantum realm, all facts are relative facts.



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