Friday 14 April 2023

Information, gravity and black holes

"Black holes are critical to understanding how information is represented in our universe and that the way our universe appears to be may be just a projection of a deeper reality that is pure information."

"The universe at these scales has no information except on the surfaces of black holes. And if that is true, then perhaps we are looking at spacetime and gravity backwards, and it is an effect of this information rather than a cause"

"It is meaningless to talk about gravity as a force because it is simply a holographic representation of information"

 Tim Andersen. Empty black holes may be the information storage units of the universe Medium 12 April 2023


Tony Hirst said...

Paul Maceachern (who I shared an office with for several years) was really into black holes and the role they played, information-wise...

David Chapman said...

Interesting. I'll see if I can have a look at his thesis in the library, but I see it is from 2004 and I suspect things have moved on since then.