Tuesday 1 July 2008


I'm currently reading J. G . Roederer "Information and its role in nature" and need to somewhere to record notes. I'll do it here.

(This is, even more than usual, really only addressed to myself. I might come back to edit this post, to add more notes as I go along.)

Page 26: Effective Complexity. "The algorithmic information needed for description of [...] regularities and their probabilities." A plot of effective regularity against randomness looks like this.

Roederer points out that it is like the a plot of entropy against probability for a binary source. But for me the more interesting similarity is with Gerda Smets plot of pleasure against complexity.

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Anonymous said...

During WW2 the National Gallery showed one painting per week.

I like to visit galleries and just look at a few paintings. Obviously this seems easier if it's free ... when you've paid for the Quai d'Orsay you feel you need to get your money's worth.