Wednesday 7 January 2009

Messages, meaning, and symbols

While reading Messages, Meaning, and Symbols by Charles Meadow, I have made notes and put them on a wiki here

I did this:

a) as a way of making my reading more active
b) to experiment with the use of a wiki
c) to have somewhere to store notes for future reference

Some general comments on the book.

In the preface, Meadow says
The assumed readers are undergraduates in information science and general readers, anyone from age fourteen or fifteen up.
I think the age 'fourteen or fifteen up' is reasonable, since it has a very simple writing style. It reads to me a bit like 'Dorling Kindersley' encyclopaedias. That's not a criticism, but it did seem a bit odd, since it felt as though maybe there was a mismatch between the topics and the style.

The coverage is very broad, and it would seem to me that it would work very well as 'an introductory text to undergraduates in information science' as it says in the blurb on the back cover.

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