Tuesday 18 December 2012

Special Issue of TripleC on the nature of information

The Special Issue of TripleC arising from last year's interdisciplinary workshop on information and technology (DTMD 2011) has now been published and is available open-access.

Vol 11, No 1 (2013)

Table of Contents

Special Issue: The Difference that Makes a Difference 2011

Introduction: The Difference That Makes a Difference
David Chapman, Magnus Ramage
Emergent Information. When a Difference Makes a Difference…
Wolfgang Hofkirchner
Emergence and Evolution of Meaning
José M. Díaz Nafría, Rainer E. Zimmermann
Mind, Matter, Meaning and Information
Robin Faichney
Communicative Modelling of Cultural Transmission and Evolution Through a Holographic Cognition Model
Ambjörn Naeve
Arrows Can Be Dangerous
John Monk
Race: The Difference That Makes a Difference
Syed Mustafa Ali
Do We Need a Global Brain?
Jan Sliwa
Information and the Transformation of Sociology: Interactivity and Social Media Monitoring
Hugh Mackay

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