Monday 13 February 2017

Studentships to study the nature of information at The Open University

The department where I work at the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK, is offering two full-time PhD studentships.  The details are here: 

Note the deadline of 10th March

Applications are invited to work in any of the fields of interest of the department, and that includes the study of information.  See the list of topics of interest here:,

but note especially:


Both of these would be based in the DTMD Research Group.

If you might be interested in studying for a PhD in either of these areas, or you have an idea for a related topic, please get in touch with me (david.chapman[at] as soon as possible.

And please pass this on!

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Alice Jackson said...

I’m getting my master now and I started thinking about my academic future right after I entered the program. I want to get Ph.D., but I think about changing my major, and it feels like I’ll need about ten years to get my Ph.D. I try to find a way to get an online degree not to lose my time, so I can finish my master and then enter to OU for Ph.D. I’ll need some help to write my assignment because full-time study now takes most of my time. Hope, you’ll have places for the program next year, so I can make it all and then take part in your studentship.